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Recall and Recare


Recall and Recare

Because your dentures are critical to the way you look and feel it is important to maintain your dentures. This includes a regular check-up with your Denturist so that you and your dentures receive the care that you both deserve. 

Why is a recare appointment necessary?

Tissue and Bone

Your mouth experiences significant changes over time, including tissue shrinkage and loss of the bone on which your dentures rest. The dentures don't change so they may no longer fit as they once did.

Oral cavity

Regular oral exams may prevent or assist in detection of oral cancer or other diseases.

Medical and dental history

Updating your medical and dental history contribute to quality denture treatment.

Fit and bit of denture

Improper denture fit and bite can result in other problems, including problems with speech , appearance and deterioration of remaining structures.

Denture integrity

Your Denturist will check for cracks, chips, scratches and the need to replace teeth.

What to expect:

  • Update dental and medical history.
  • Regular oral examination
  • Denture integrity
  • Esthetics, stability and bite
  • Available options
  • Oral hygiene review and denture care